Complete Carpet Restoration Serving So Cal For 35 Years

Fine Rug Cleaning

The secret to preserving and extending the life of your exquisite treasure is a proper and professional fine rug cleaning. We will pick up your rug or you can send it to us. From there we hand-wash them in our plant with our delicate process. Fine Rug Cleaning cleans all types of fine rugs including handmade, hand knotted, machine made, Orientals, Persians, silk, wool, antique, natural, synthetics, blends

Green Rug Cleaning

At Complete Carpet Care, we understand that you want a clean rug, but you want only the best eco-friendly, hypoallergenic and organic cleaning materials to be used. This is why our fine rug cleaning uses specialized softened water using organic and natural products in our process.

Fine rug repair

Is a part of your rug worn out or in need of repair? Our specialists at Complete Carpet Restoration can help restore that area to get it looking bright as rain. Eventually there will be a time when your fine rug has hole, or the binding on the side needs to be overcast. Rest assured that if your rug needs replacement of the fringe our highly skilled professionals have the skills necessary to repair and restore your treasured piece.

Odor Removal

Many customers come to us at Complete Carpet Restoration needing to get rid of some mark and odor their pet left behind from their beautiful fine rug. Don’t sweat it, we have helped hundreds of people just like you save their woven treasures from pet urine and odor problems just like this.

Fine rug protection

Many fine rugs are made with (or at least part) wool and natural fibers. Although they look beautiful, they are highly absorbent and if certain stains from dirt or food can can permanently damage the rug’s dye structure. At Complete Carpet Restoration, we apply a protective lining that will reduce and limit the absorption of the fibers and block out unwanted material. This will prevent a decrease in a rug’s value over the long term, and extend the life while significantly reducing the risk of permanent damage from stains. Many of our customers have invested in this to protect their fine rug investment.